'Slo-Mo Symphony' Is Proof That Watching People Fail In Slow Motion Is So Much More Fun

Watching things in slow motion is something that not only makes whatever is unfolding appear more artful, it also showcases the art and grace of the actions being performed in more detail so you can savor every moment.

But when it comes to fail videos adding slow-mo can also makes things much funnier too.

Lets face it, we love laughing at other people's expense and fail videos tick that funny box. Watching people fall off their bicycle? Sure that's funny. Watching people nosedive over the handle bars in slo mo? That's about ten times funnier. The end result is that it just makes the schadenfreude that much more acute and turns an average fail into something far more cinematic.

Whether that be getting slapped in the face by a fish or someone getting scared and spilling their cereal. It all gets elavated to new levels of hilarity.

In fact it could almost an art form that deserves some sort of recognition, maybe even an Oscar category at the next Academy awards?

Also if you add some classical music over the footage too, like they do in the video above, then even more entertainment can be wrung from this slo-mo symphony of fail.

Just be thankful that all this shame and pain is happening to someone else and not you.


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