Brutal Ballet: Watch This Insane Compilation Of Spinning Technique MMA Knockouts

Man, these have got to hurt. It hurts just watching these MMA fighters perform their spinning punches and kicks while laying waste to their opponents in brutal fashion.

The laying waste doesn't often stop once someone's hit the deck either, the punches keep coming and coming, just when the knocked out fighter thinks they can have a little rest.

Avoiding it altogether isn't really an option either, because a spinning move is extra hard to block.

Other than stepping back in the hope of minimising the blow, trying to judge where the spin will land and blocking it with your hands is seriously confusing.

On the opposite side the guy performing the move is showing some serious skill, especially some of the insane flips. It certainly is a brutal ballet.

So next time you are mocked by your friends for not being very cultural by embracing the arts and classical dance, drag them along to a MMA fight and prove them wrong.


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