Are You Ready For Full Contact Skydiving? Think MMA While Falling From A Plane

It seems that even extreme sports aren't extreme enough these days. Skydiving? Pathetic. How about I see your jumping from a plane at ridiculous heights and raise it with some fisticuffs. Well, not just fists but kicks too. And elbows and whatever other body part you want to throw at your opponent.

That's essentially what the insanely-sounding Full Contact Skydiving is—"combining the discipline of Mixed Martial Arts with the intensity of skydiving" is how their website puts it. The free-fall combat is, amazingly, refereed too but if you fancy trying your luck, you need to get down to some serious wind-tunnel training to get your flabby, internet-addicted body into shape.


Then you need to practice and master the air martial art of skyjitsu (aka Norwegian Jiu Jitsu)—yep, that exists—which focuses on the "methodical approach to gaining and maintaining dominant control in free-fall, NJJ is the foundation for all submissions via strangulation or joint manipulation found in FCS." Cooool.

And also, why not try out some Skuay Tai on a younger sibling while diving off the couch. This one focuses "more on core strength and gravity management to maximize power out of kicks, punches, and knees, as well as control in the clinch. Sky Thai utilizes four points of contact, rather than the traditional eight, focusing on those most likely to incapacitate a fighter in free-fall: temple, neck, sternum, groin.' Oww-ch.


So once you've mastered those, you then just need to jump out of a plane at 15,000ft with a willing opponent, where you do mid-air battle for more than 10,000ft until the final horn is blown before you reach 4,000ft, when you have to pull your parachute. So there you go. I'll let this tweet from @fullcontactsky have the last word.

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