How To Film A Fight—This Hilarious 'How To' Video Will Teach You All You Need To Know

Violence, of any form, is never OK. Not unless it's throwing a gamepad across the room out of frustration. It certainly isn't OK to brawl in the street. Which is not to say it doesn't go on, because it goes on a helluva lot.

Even if you have never seen two people fighting in real life, chances are you have seen people fighting on the internet. But filming a fight is a tricky business, there are a few important rules you need to adhere to.

Or, at least, it would seem that way.

In this parody video by YouTuber and comedian Gus Johnson he gives a mock tutorial on how to film two people duking it out. "Use this as a template to film all of your future fights." he says.

It's a very good template/lampooning of internet video fight tropes which sees Johnson comically run through the dos and dont's of what to do. Step 1, Johnson notes while also noting that it's the most important one: always film vertically. It's imperative that you do that so you get those nice black bars and miss out lots of the action.

Another key technique to getting the video looking like all the other internet fight videos, is make sure the footage is unfocused and shaky. Flay your arms around to get his bit right.

It also points out some other important stylistic components you will need to ensure your filming complies with internet standards. All of which are stupidly hilarious, but actually very accurate.

Then, once you have your terrible footage, all that's left is to sell it to the first licensing company that comes along and consider it a job well done.


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