"Butter Ya'Self" Is An Animated Short Featuring A Hip-Hop Banana

If you had to imagine rappers Drake and Lil’ Wayne as food items, how about a banana and a hot dog bun? No?That's what filmmaker and student at The California Institute of the Arts Julian Petschek would have them as, and that's what features in his stop motion animation Butter Ya'Self.

Taking (loose) inspiration from Drake and Lil’ Wayne, Petschek creates a hip-hop world from actual food products, unleashing onto the music scene edible rappers Nana Splits (a banana), ButterKrust (a female hot dog bun) and, of course, Sweet Cream the stick of butter.

Yep, it's as insane as that sounds. The best thing you can do is just watch the video and ask no questions. And Kanye, Jay-Z you definitely better watch that throne, there's some new talent and they're big in the game. The game of what you're having for lunch.

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