Hot Or Not? Canada's New Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Is Making The Internet Swoon

Blame Canada. Blame them for the internet getting all hot under the collar because a new heartthrob is in town and he goes by the name of Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau.

The 43-year-old leader of the Liberal party was announced as the new PM on 19 October.

He is the second youngest prime minister in Canada's history, but that wasn't what was getting the internet interested.

What was getting the internet interested was that the tattooed, athletic, former nightclub bouncer was a total hunk, because the internet is shallow like that.

Those come to bed eyes, that fine physique—people weren't shy about taking to Twitter to express their new found appreciation for Canadian politics.

The real breaking news, reported by Forbes, almost went unnoticed amidst all the sighing and swooning, "The marijuana industry in Canada exhaled after Liberal Party leader Justin Trudeau was elected to be the next Prime Minister. The Liberals are in favor of legalizing marijuana, whereas the current ruling party, the Conservatives, would only go as far as allowing medical marijuana."

Let the objectification begin.

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