Can't Remember What Happened In 2014? Here's The Year Summed Up In One Minute

What a year, huh? If only you could remember what happened. If only the year's events were neatly summed up in a one minute animation. Thankfully you're in luck because Animation Domination have taken the highlights of 2014 and bundled them together for your easy consumption.

From Obamacare to Robin Williams saying so long, to Nicki Minaj's derriere to the Fappening, it's all here and summed up succinctly and entertainly so that your small-as-a-photon attention span can watch it without getting all twitchy.

Looking back at it like this, it reminds you what a shitty year it's been, really. 2015, please don't be as crap as your fellow year. Pretty please.


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