Chris Pratt Brilliantly Trolls Jennifer Lawrence And Will.i.am With An Epic Magic Card Trick

Chris Pratt recently appeared on BBC1's The Graham Norton Show to promote his new film Passengers with his co-star Jennifer Lawrence. While there host Graham Norton pulled him up on the fact that he heard Pratt was a magician. To which Pratt reluctantly acknowledges to Norton that, yes, he is. Of sorts.

So Norton pulls out a pack of cards he just happens to have at hand (staged, certainly not) and tasks the star with performing a magic trick. Before beginning Pratt informs the guests and the audience that the trick only has a 50% success rate. “It’s been a while, so if I screw this up just, you know, you’ll cut it out,” Pratt says.

Will.i.am, who's also a guest, volunteers to partake so Pratt asks him to pick a card, then he puts it back in the pack and shuffles them, at Pratt's request, so Pratt doesn't know what the card is.

The Jurassic World star then asks Will.i.am to shuffle the pack four more times and then Pratt tries to find the card. Which is where the trouble begins.

Because it looks like Pratt is having a hard time and struggling with working it out, leafing through the deck and "ummming" and "ahhhing" trying to find it—he then says can they give him four chances to find it. So, why not?

They agree. But after three times he still hasn't got it right. So he asks what the card was, then tries to find it some more, but fails. Just when you think he should give up because he's obviously messed up the trick and his magic skills are a sham, Pratt asks Will.i.am for a “magic fist bump.”

It's then that—shazam!—Pratt places a card in Will.i.am's hand and it's THE RIGHT ONE. He'd been trolling us to the extreme from the start and playing us all along for the fools we are. Ha!

If you want to see how he pulled the trick off, check out the video below.

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