Dr. Oz Solicits Questions From Twitter But Instead Receives Insults And Ridicule

When. Will. They. Learn. In a week that's seen Bill Cosby get annihilated by the internet for asking to be turned into a meme, another celebrity has fallen foul to the perilous ways of social media.

Dr. Mehmet Oz is the latest victim of not thinking before opening yourself to the mockery of the hive mind. Dr. Oz has already come under scrutiny from no less than a senate committee for peddling products that might as well be witchcraft on The Dr. Oz Show. Dubious products and strategies for weight loss, along with other snake oil cures.

So why he thought it might be a good idea to open up a twitter Q&A is anyone's guess. But open up a twitter Q&A he did, asking the online community to offer up their medical questions and he would use his quack science to answer them.

Instead all he got was people attacking his special form of scientific hogwash and ridiculing him. Here's a few of the funniest ones that crept up on #OzsInbox.


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