'Classic Pics' Hilariously Lampoons The Inaccuracy Of Those Historical Photos Twitter Accounts

You've no doubt come across those history photo Twitter accounts, you might even be following one or two. They run along the lines of, say, a photo of Ted Danson and Kelsey Grammer with the caption "On This Day in 1993 the last episode of Cheers aired."

But a lot of the time they get the date wrong or the photo shows someone else or some other historical inaccuracy. Which is where parody Twitter account @Classic_picx comes in. Their tagline is "Some words with a picture underneath" and it takes the idea of these inaccuracies and runs with it.

The basis of it is to pick photos of celebrities and then say they're someone else. But it does so in a very hilarious manner, because it will use celebrities who bear a comically slight resemblance to the person, say they both have the same colored hair. Or are in someway associated with them, like Will Smith being called Muhammed Ali (Smith played the boxer in the movie biopic Ali).

But they are so not them that the association is downright ridiculous. Sometimes it's just plain trolling, like captioning a picture of the Millennium Falcon with "The original studio model of the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) used in 1966."

You will certainly be amused. Have a look at some of our favs below and head to @Classic_picx for more.

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