'The Cat Reviewer' Asks People On Social Media To Review Random Cats They Encounter On The Street

You've no doubt come across the odd cat or two when you're out walking around your neighborhood, some of them friendly, some of them fleeing the minute they set eyes on you, and some that look like they might attack you at any second, probably at the moment you turn your back on them. Fleeting though these encounters may be, you'll no doubt prefer the look and personalities of some to others.

That's where The Cat Reviewer comes in. Set up last year the twitter account asks people who have bumped into a cat in the street to send in a review of it. After all, you might have just had a run-in with the cutest, fluffiest, largest, meanest, loving, un-loving, you-name-it cat on the planet and people need to know these things.

To partake reviewers need to send in a pic of the cat and then some critical and descriptive words about it, then give it a mark out of ten. The only strict rule is you're not allowed to submit your own cat.

Bill Bixby is the man behind the account and said he started it because, according to Metro.co.uk, he was inspired by "a bunch of cats living on my street that I would fuss on the way to work or whatever. My partner and I would make up little back stories for them so it seemed like natural progression to document them on Twitter and Facebook. We’ve all stopped to chase a cat down the street for a bit of a fuss so I think it’s something everyone can relate to."

It certainly is and there seems to be no shortage of submissions. You can check out some of the cat reviews below. Head to the Twitter and Facebook pages for many more.

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