Creative Librarians: When Bookstore Employees Get Bored & Become 'One' With The Book

Creative librarians, do they actually exist, is that phrase a paradox or maybe 'Creative librarians' is actually an oxymoron. Who knows? How about Books, can you remember them? Try hard, it's in there somewhere. Dig deep into your past. How about libraries or maybe a bookstore? You know, the places you used to go to to borrow and by books from, or use as somewhere quiet to complete all of those late homework assignments or maybe to go pick up men/women/librarians/bookstore people. Chances are if you did you'd never meet any creative librarians.

Well, in the fast growing world of the eBook the analogue archive of information and entertainment does tend to get overlooked somewhat in today's society. They can be empty and lonely places.

But always remember, it's a place where you can lose yourself in literature in a way no smartphone can match.

With that in mind the photographs below were taken by a group of creative librarians (yes, they do exist) in the city of Kaposvár in Hungary and bored bookstore employees in the Librairie Mollat in France. I'm guessing that with no one reading, buying and borrowing books anymore they must have plenty of time on their hands.

The Purpose Behind The Creative Librarians

Creative Librarians 99.

But if anyone knows a thing or two about non-digital literature then these bibliophiles are the kind of people who know a good book when they see one. They also know what else to do with a book besides just read it.

They are actually clever people these creative librarians. Who'd have thought it.

Their goal was to raise the community’s interest in reading again, the old fashioned way, using the cover jackets of books to take on a very human form in these artful photographs, in which people become one with the book.

H'mmm, "become one with the book", It all sounds all very zen-esque, but when was the last time you actually picked up a book? Like an actual book with real paper and binding and stuff?

Here are 53 reasons why you should think about 'becoming one with the book' and reading one again. And when you have finished it and are wondering why you haven't done this before you can thank those creative librarians for putting the idea in your head. Check out some of their clever book-cover art below.

What Happens When Bookstore Workers Get Bored

Creative Librarians - 04.
Creative Librarians 03.
Creative Librarians 02.
Creative Librarians 01.
Creative Librarians 05.
Creative Librarians 06.
Creative Librarians 07..
Creative Librarians 08.
Bookstore Employees 01.
Bookstore Employees 02.
Bookstore Employees 03..
Bookstore Employees 04.
Bookstore Employees 05.
Bookstore Employees 06.
Bookstore Employees 07.
Bookstore Employees 08.
Bookstore Employees 09.
Bookstore Employees 10.
Librairie Mollat 01.
Librairie Mollat 02.
Librairie Mollat 03.
Librairie Mollat 04.
Librairie Mollat 05.
Librairie Mollat 06.
Librairie Mollat 07..
Librairie Mollat 08.
Librairie Mollat 09..
Librairie Mollat 10.
funny bookworm 01.
funny bookworm 02.
funny bookworm 03.
funny bookworm 04.
funny bookworm 05.
funny bookworm 06.
funny bookworm 07.
funny bookworm 08.
funny bookworm 09.
funny bookworm 10.
book humor 01.
book humor 02.
book humor 03.
book humor 04.
Creative Librarians 10.
Creative Librarians 09.
Creative Librarians 08.
Creative Librarians 07.
Creative Librarians 06.
Creative Librarians 05.
Creative Librarians 04.
Creative Librarians 03.
Creative Librarians 22.
book art 21.

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