Bad Fashion Fails - 25+ Epic & Cringeworthy Clothing Disasters That Are Totally Hilarious

Bad fashion fails are unfortunately an inevitability, we are all guilty of committing some truly cringeworthy disasters when it comes to clothing fails sometimes. Hopefully when it happens you do err on the side of awful, no one has the indecency to take a picture. Meaning no evidence of your wardrobe disaster will be digitally recorded and used in evidence against you by your friends and peers, so you can deny it ever happened.

Unfortunately that isn't the case with these cringeworthy bad fashion fails. Sometimes they involve inappropriate floral patterns positioned in unfortunate places. Other times clothing fails can be someone's grandma not realizing the NSFW significance of her grandchild's initials. Or maybe it's words that might have looked good on the t-shirt when it wasn't being worn, but turn into something entirely different when clothing a human body.

But mostly when it comes to bad fashion fails it does seem to usually involve a pattern gone rogue, either turning your garment into something very rude due to the seams of the clothes and the bits of your body they appear on. Or a pattern that looks like someone has had a toilet accident before they've got to the toilet.

Avoiding Bad Fashion Fails & Clothing Disasters

Bad fashion fails.

All in all they add up to very cringeworthy clothing disasters. But what might be other people's bad fashion fails, can be an opportunity for you to be warned and take heed. Plus you can laugh and learn at the same time.

When on the look out for potential clothing fails, ff a pattern looks like it could cause you some embarrassment, make sure you inspect it first—while wearing it of course, that's crucial—so as not to end up being super self conscious when all you've done is pop out to get some milk. Bad fashion cares not about your self respect.

Check out these terrible and cringeworthy clothes choices below. And thanks to Sarūnė Mac at Bored Panda who has an incredible eye when it comes to bad fashion ideas and clothing fails, we'd love to peek in your wardrobe.

Epic Clothing Fails That You Need To Avoid

bad fashion 01.
bad fashion 02.
bad fashion 03.
bad fashion 04.
bad fashion 05.
bad fashion 06.
cringeworthy 01.
cringeworthy 02.
cringeworthy 03.
cringeworthy 04.
cringeworthy 05.
cringeworthy 06.
cringeworthy 07.
cringeworthy 08.
cringeworthy 09.
cringeworthy 10.
fashion fails 01.
fashion fails 02.
fashion fails 03.
fashion fails 04.
fashion fails 05.
fashion fails 06.
Bad fashion fails 55.
Bad fashion fails 56.
Bad fashion fails 57.
Bad fashion fails 58.
Bad fashion fails 59.

All images via Bored Panda

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