Dad Destroys Son's Video Game Collection With Lawnmower, Son Responds With Epic Meltdown

There are certain ways you can motivate your spoiled brood should they be lazing around your house occupying your sofa and playing video games instead of getting a job. Maybe lawnmowing the crap out of their cherished Xbox titles isn't the best way to get the required response, but it sure is funny.

Bask in some schadenfreude as you watch this guy realise what his dad's about to do, before rushing outside to confront him in the backyard for a showdown of screeching and tantrums.

But the son's rage-fuelled reasoning is met with dad's "I don't care, you gotta get a job" indifference.

Then dad goes ahead and mows down those games, which is all perfectly soundtracked by laughter from the guy's brother—who is helpfully filming it all.

The son's epic meltdown has to be seen to be believed, because it's some next level histrionics.

But the real question here is, if your entire video game collection gets destroyed in such a devastating way, is it ever OK to react like this?


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