'Street Fighter: Angry Goat Edition'—It's Man Vs. Goat—Who Will Be Victorious?

As you're probably well aware, there have been quite a few Street Fighter II editions, but none more goaty than this, the Street Fighter - Angry Goat Edition from YouTube channel Marca Blanca—home of the Jurassic Park theme tune sung by goats and Street Fighter Crazy Drunk Russians Edition.

Goats and SF2 are definite themes that run through his work, so someday it was inevitable he was going to arrive at a Street Fighter II goat video. And of all the opponents in the classic beat 'em up, the Angry Goat mega-secret unlock is one you really wouldn't want to confront. Mainly because he actually exists and all the other characters are just pixels.

Angry Goat's not afraid to take on motorbikes or a Gipsy Chun-Li. But he very, kind of, sorta, nearly meets his match in the valiantly bad Bad Hero, who comes kicking to Gipsy Chun-Li's defense. Even taking one in the family jewels. Thrice.

But his feeble kicks and fearless crotch are never enough for the sheer angry determination of Angry Goat, who proves himself a truly adverse adversary.


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