David Blaine Totally Freaks Out Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul, Will Smith, Woody & Kanye West

Love or hate David Blaine, the man knows how to freak out a celebrity. When he's not getting thrown out of Harrison Ford's house, he's causing Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul's minds to be blown. Along with Will Smith's family, Kanye and Woody Harrelson to freak the hell out.

It starts off with Blaine slamming his hand down on paper bags or foams cups, concealed beneath one of which is a nasty sharp ice pick that could do some serious damage to a person's hand if they get it wrong.

But that's just the beginning of the trick.

Because once the pick has been revealed, then Blaine sets about piercing the damn thing through his hand until it's pushing the skin on the other side. It's not for the squeamish (*cough* *cough* Aaron Paul) and it's going to make you wince and gasp, as it does the celebrities.

I mean, you would think Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul would be made of far stronger stuff after all they've been through in Breaking Bad.

But what do you know? Turns out in real life they're no where near as hardcore as Walt and Jessie. Especially when Blaine pushed the ice pick all the way through his hand. Thespians, huh?


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