Skating Genius Rodney Mullen Debuts New Tricks Captured In 360 Degrees On Video For Vogue

In case you didn't know Rodney Mullen is a pioneer in the art of skateboarding. Around 30 years ago he pretty much invented most of the tricks, like the the flat-ground ollie, the kick-flip, the 360-flip, the heel-flip, that have gone on to inform what defines modern skateboarding.

He's a true skating legend and in this video from Vogue (of all places) he debuts some new tricks. Shot by fashion photographer Steven Sebring, the filming takes place inside Sebring’s revolutionary 360 studio.

Which means that the footage, the first major shots that Mullen has done in around 12 years, captures Mullen's artistry in an impressive 360 degrees.

Along with showing off his skills, there's also some new tricks that have never been seen before, like the insane "Front-Rail to 360-Shove-It to Back-Rail."

Speaking about it Mullen says, “This trick has never been seen or done, as far as I know. It is rooted in an obscure freestyle trick dating back 30 years. However, it was only done landing on all four wheels. This rail-to-rail version requires another level of power and control. On top of that, to do it on a modern (bigger) board, and landing on axles, is so daunting that I had never done it until now. It was particularly inspired by the camera action, because of how beautiful it would look: a rotary motion in a rotary system.”

It all adds to Mullen's accomplishments as a skater and seeing him do these crazy-looking tricks, no matter how many skate videos you've seen, you've probably never seen ones like this before.

If nothing else, the footage is simply mesmerizing to watch. The man is a god amongst men.


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