Animator David Lewandowski's 'Going to the Store' Series Returns With More CGI Dancing Freaks

It all started with Going to the Store, animator David Lewandowski's original freakish video which first came out in 2011 and was about a "normal guy normal walk"—except it was anything but. Instead it was a CGI naked human man convulsing along looking like his was having some kind of fit as he walked to the store. It went viral sparking memes and plenty of Going to the Store GIF action. Even an entire subgenre of weird walking CGI humans.

The next video in the series, called Late for Meeting, came out in 2013 and featured the crazy rubber-bodied guy again walking along streets, dangerously driving a car, before floating away on a bunch of balloons. Both these videos were set to sprightly music by French electronic music producer Jean-Jacques Perrey.

Going to the Store Because It's Time For Sushi

Going to the Store Time For Sushi.

And now the latest in David Lewandowski's Going to the Store series has been released and it's called Time For Sushi. This third installment ups the freak factor by adding in hundreds of these dancing CGI crazies. It begins with just two though, as they float down into Tokyo on their balloons (it's seems the guy from the first vids has picked up a female companion while on his floating travels)—and suddenly there are hundreds of them spasming down the streets in hilarious fashion. And guess where they are going? You've got it, going to the store.

They eventually head to the beach and into the sea as the tone takes a relaxing turn. The gyrating mocap beings become more serene in the ocean, floating and swimming about calmly. Again the music is by Jean-Jacques Perrey. As one perplexed YouTuber commented "WTF did I just watch???"

David Lewandowski Talks About His Latest Creation

Going to the Store Time For Sushi 01.

In a short explanation about the new vid the Tron: Legacy animator David Lewandowski says on his website, "Time for Sushi is the latest in a series of short films inspired by an obsessive passion for nonsense. Preceded by the films Going to the Store and Late for Meeting, this adventure follows our friend to Japan."

To see some more of Lewandowski's crazy CGI creations check out the two short films below.

The Original 'Going To The Store' Video

'Going To The Store' Part 2: Late For A Meeting

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