David Zinn's Inventive 3D Chalk Art Brings Streets Alive With Whimsical Creatures

If you live or are visiting the city of Ann Arbor in Michigan be careful where you tread. Because underfoot might be a creation from local street artist David Zinn. Zinn has been creating chalk art in Ann Arbor and various cities since 1987.

Zinn's "temporary street art" uses chalk, charcoal and the objects found on the street to create cute creatures woven into the urban landscape, like a mouse peering out from a brick or transforming street objects into gnomes' hats or giant pencils.

"My sidewalk chalk drawings started out as an excuse to be outside on a nice day, but after a dozen years of positive feedback from all over the world and some undeniable feelings of personal contentment, I realize that I may have stumbled upon my true calling." Zinn says. "Creating temporary street art in public places has helped me find my artistic voice, connected me with people far from my front door, and given me a cause to fight for: more art in more places to make more people more cheerful."

It would no doubt brighten up your day to chance upon one of Zinn's creations. You can check out some of his art below. And head to his Instagram or website for more.

A little cheer #streetart #foundart #anamorphosis #tree

Last chance for solar charging (?) #streetart #chalkart #anamorphosis

#autumn #leaves #fish #leafboat #streetart

Glad as he was that his Sandbucket Hat was getting so much attention, George was learning to keep a sharp eye out for smokers. #lbts #3dchalkart

"Trust in Authority" far view. Child included for scale.

Cheerful rockfish making a cameo appearance at Traverse City Chalk & Chocolate festival

This 60-minute skyhole monster emerged as part of the Pop-Up Art series at @lansingartgallery today. If it hasn't rained yet, he's probably still there! #projectpopup

A completed (if slightly damp) photo of Moonface the Knitter. One down, three to go at #nolimitboras!

#springtroll #chalkart #nolimitboras

The rare double skyhole #nolimitboras

Sluggo taking a quiet moment to reflect on the grand adventure that was #nolimitboras

Grevé finally found some ducks to feed! #nolimitboras

A meeting of two-dimensional minds! Sluggo finally met up with the Chalk Kid, courtesy of the sublimely gifted @joeiurato.

A little fall cleaning at Eastern Michigan University #arthappens emich.edu/campuslife

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