Guy Pranks Commuters By Pretending To Read Outrageously-Titled Books On The Subway

With the popularity of Kindles it's impossible these days to tell what someone's reading. The days when someone would sit proudly holding up some obscure Russian novel to show off their intellectual cred are disappearing.

But one man is making sure everyone on the subway is aware of his somewhat NSFW and offensive reading tastes. That's comedian Scott Rogowsky, whose recent prank involved reading books with fake covers.

Covers that make his fellow commutes do double, triple, quadruple takes at the title they thought they just saw.

And you can't blame them for it really.

Rogowsky's fellow New York City subway passengers stare in disbelief at titles which include "How To Hold A Fart In," "101 Penis-Lengthening Tips You Can Do At Home, The Office, Or On The Go," "Slut-Shaming Your Baby," or "Ass-Eating Made Simple."

Some of their looks are priceless, all the titles are very funny.

It probably didn't cross their minds that these books don't actually exist, but you'll be glad that Rogowsky brought them into existence, if only temporarily.

Rogowsky needs to make a part two now, or go on a tour of subways across America holding his hilariously-titled reading material.


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