Death And Purgatory Isn't Quite What It Seems In This Hilarious Video With A Twist Ending

Who knows what happens to us when we die, but YouTubers Chris and Jack imagine we might enter a white room in their latest sketch "The White Room." In it a man named Cody (Chris Smith) appears to be dead and suddenly finds himself inside a white room with a mysterious man (Jack De Sena) who tells him he needs to be processed.

Processing involves getting one minute to ask any questions Cody wants about his life or anything at all. Meaning he can learn about the mysteries of the universe or the mysteries of his past.

So panicked, Cody starts firing off various questions in quick succession trying to cram in as much as possible, questions which range from the personal to the profound.

This back and forth continues before Cody finds out he's going to hell for some of his indiscretions—like cheating on his girlfriend, swearing-and for jaywalking.

Incredulous he begins to doubt what's happening, but before he knows it the time is up and Cody now has to face his reckoning. But it's not the reckoning you might expect.

It's far, far more horrifying.


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