Deep Sea Fisherman Posts His Catches on Twitter, And The Creatures He Finds Are Truly Monstrous

You're probably familiar with the idea that we know more about the surface of the moon than we do about the ocean floor. And it's thought that less than 0.05 percent of the ocean floor has been mapped to any detail.

Which means we don't know much about the creatures that live down there either, or what they look like. And by the looks of this Twitter account from a deep sea Russian fisherman, that's for the best.

Anyone who's seen a nature documentary on the deep sea will know that things get mighty ugly down there. A case in point is the recent viral video of a strange-looking deep sea chimaera, known as a ghost shark (see vid above)—the rule seems to be the deeper you go, the less light and the more monstrous-looking the sea life.

Roman Fedortsov, a fisherman based in Murmansk, Russia who works on a fishing trawler, has been providing further evidence of that by sharing photos of the creatures he discovers. It's a fascinating, if entirely frightening, look at the bizarre creatures that lurk at the depths of the ocean. And it's also slightly tragic as these fish were caught in the nets that trawl the ocean floor, and so obviously died.

A lot of them are either black or red in color as this is the best type of camouflage from predators at the depths they live at. And as the Moscow Times says, which first reported on Fedortsov, some of the animals look like they could star in Ridley Scott's next alien movie.

Check out some photos of them below. And head to Fedortsov's twitter for more.

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