Dirty Dancing's "Time of My Life" Scene Without The Music Is Hilariously Entertaining

You've no doubt seen Dirty Dancing at least a hundred times, mostly in your teens when you'd watch it constantly while dancing round your house to that final, rousing, palm-sweating scene. It's kind of like a daily ritual every teen goes through. Well, if you're a girl anyway.

But as great as it was, what it definitely was not was very funny. Mario Wienerroither has changed all that by taking away the music and replacing it with some heavy-breathing, giggling, squeaky shoes and an epic Swayze stage leap that's just amazing.

The video is the latest in Mario Wienerroither's series of Musicless Musicvideos, even though this one is actually a movie scene and not a music video. But hey, let's not get bogged down in semantics.


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