SO WHAT!!! Harry Potter Goes Hardcore Punk In This Expletive-Ridden Mashup

Harry Potter always seemed like such a sweet, well-mannered boy. And he is. So what better movies to overlay a soundtrack of profanity-ridden hardcore British punk than the Harry Potter films. That's what happens in this video which introduces the world of Hogwarts to the world of Anti-Nowhere League's anthemic lets-smash-everything-up track "So What."

And you know what, the result is a an amazing transformation of life at Hogwarts, turning the whole thing into some kind of music-injected, high octane movie trailer that turns everything a bit 'Harry Potter-hardcore' and makes you want to go a see this film when it gets released (which alas it never will). Who says punk's dead?

To save you a google here's what Wikipedia has to say about the song:

Copies of this single were seized from indie distributor, Pinnacle by the Metropolitan [London] Police's Obscene Publication Squad shortly after release. Pinnacle's Orpington [an English town] depot was raided by the OPS and all ANL product was lifted. "So What?" was covered by Metallica, being released as a B-side to the "Sad But True" single, and later included on the Garage Inc album; "So What?" would go on to become an in-concert standard for Metallica.

So there you go, a song so full of foul language the police had to seize copies of it for fear that it may destroy society. They don't make them like that any more.

And it certainly gives the Potter movies some edge. You can listen to the band performing the track in a very punk way, below.

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