Tom Cruise And Jimmy Fallon Face-Off In An Epic And Hilarious Lip Sync Battle For The Ages

No matter that Tom Cruise has had some weird moments off-screen throughout his career. And no matter that he's a card-carrying and open member of one of the creepiest and most powerful cults operating in the world today, he's still a charismatic and bonafide Hollywood A-lister.

Not only has he got a back catalog of movies that pretty much defined the 80s Hollywood blockbuster experience, but he also pulled off a fantastic performance in Magnolia (which he definitely deserved an Oscar for, but didn't get), and proved his comedic acting chops in Tropic Thunder.

Anyway, ass-kissing aside, he's also a master of the lip synch and this face-off with Jimmy Fallon will endear you to him even more (and make you think that, somewhere, in an alternate universe Tom Cruise is a rockstar)—as the two duke it out in a very entertaining battle covering tracks like The Weeknd's "Can't Feel My Face" and, of course, the Righteous Brothers' "You've Lost That Loving Feeling."

So love him or hate him you can't deny that Tom's got skills in all sorts of departments as he takes center stage and totally obliterates Jimmy Fallon's performance. But truth be told Mr. Cruise is an old pro at this.

So if you were looking for a masterclass in lip syncing while at home in your underwear, look no further than this much copied, celebrated, and classic Tom Cruise scene from Risky Business.

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