Voldermort Becomes The Dark Lord Of Dance In This Harry Potter Parody Of 'Uptown Funk'

We've waited long enough but finally the worlds of Harry Potter and Bruno Mars collide, in this parody video that sees Voldermort as the Dark Lord of Funk, getting his freak on and singing his own wizard-themed version of Mark Ronson's "Uptown Funk."

"Caught the kid, Boy Who Lived, Harry's out of luck," sings Harry's nemesis, "With the Elder Wand, stop the Chosen One, maybe make a new Horcrux." But it's not just singing that He Who Must Not Be Named excels at, he also lays down some pretty fancy dance moves too.

The video, by KFaceTV, even features a dance-off between the head Death Eater and the magical triumvirate. Watch. Then rewatch immediately.


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