Dizzee Rascal's 'Couple Of Stacks' Is The Goriest Music Video You'll Ever See #NotForMTV

Last Halloween Dizzee Rascal released his grime track "Couple Of Stacks" and the accompanying gory-as-f*ck music video. It was soon deleted however for reasons unknown—probably because it was too ultra violent—but has recently resurfaced online.

It's a homage to slasher movies and a general all out bloodbath, full of gruesome horror like still beating hearts being wrenched from bodies, decapitated heads, heads split in half, fingers sliced off and used as birthday cake candles—that kind of thing. All pretty much initiated by psycho killer Dizzee himself.

Looked at as an ode to the genre of horror it's great fun, but it's also nightmare fuel extremis. And entirely NSFW.

Well, it's not safe for anyone really.

2015-02-24 16_45_07

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