Guy Pearce's New Music Video “Fly All The Way" Channels Dystopian Infomercial Weirdness

Not content with being a celebrated actor, Guy Pearce embarked on a music career earlier this year when he released his debut album Broken Bones back in August. Usually when actors turn musician (or vice versa) they're generally met with scorn and derision and hate.

But Pearce's album got four-star reviews and was generally thought of as pretty good. To match that he's released a very bizarre but fun music video for his latest track "Fly All The Way."

Now, the great thing about being an actor turned musician is that you can star in your own music videos knowing you can pull off a range of characters if the situation demands it. And this situation demands it. Parodying the cheesy infomercials you see cropping up on morning TV the video, directed by Tim White, has Pearce playing eight different characters, from celebrity chef to sleazy salesman, even Steve Jobs.

Director White says: "This video is an expression of my love for bleak dystopian sci-fi films and Australian morning TV infomercials. It's a winning combination that we don't see enough of nowadays. In my research I came across some really unsettling future technologies and ideas. The items promoted in the film are all based on future products and research but they each have an element of inconvenience tying them to the present day."


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