Dog Dives Into The Sea And Catches A Live Lobster Like An Aquatic Angling Badass

Most dogs are good at playing catch, but the gifts they'll bring back to their owner usually amount to a stick or if you're really unlucky some kind of dead animal. But Lila the labrador ensures her owner has something tastier than an unconscious bird.

Lila is highly skilled at diving down into the sea off a boat and fetching live lobsters in her mouth. "One day while out free diving, I had the idea of trying to get Lila to catch a live lobster." says trainer and co-founder of Devoted to the Ocean Alex Schulze. "Sure enough she caught a lobster on her first try, and the rest was history."

It's quite something to see the dog jump into the ocean, swim down to the ocean floor, and grab a lobster then swim back up with it clasped in its mouth. Making it a better fisherman than most of us.

But fear not, if you're feeling bummed out because you're jealous of this lobster-catching mutt, don't worry, Schulze has posted a video (see below) showing how you too can train your dog to dive for lobster.

Now all you have to do is move near the ocean.


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