Iggy Joey The Most Fashionable Greyhound Around Is A Style Icon To Dogs Everywhere

There aren't many dogs who can claim to be style icons (Menswear Dog is one) but Iggy Joey the Italian greyhound can definitely lay claim to it. The dog lives with her owner in Ontario, Canada who posts pics to Instagram of Iggy looking like she wouldn't get out of bed for less than $10,000 a day.

Whether rocking a headscarf, a party hat, a hoodie, or a onesie Iggy just looks effortlessly chic, because some dogs have just got it. Iggy's owner explains that it was by chance that Iggy became such a style icon.

“I knew Italian Greyhounds got really cold easily … She would shake and cry outside when it started getting under 20 degrees Celsius,” Lyndal Moody, Iggy Joey’s owner, told BuzzFeed. “I saw a cool thing on the internet where you could cut the sleeves off an old sweater and put two holes for legs to make a jacket. So I got a four-dollar sweater from Value Village, turned it into three outfits and Iggy Joey became a star!”

Pearls are also part of Iggy's fashion style, which Moody says came about because when they'd go to a vintage clothing store Moody was working with Iggy would jump in the window and vogue. So they decided to put some pearls on her. "She stopped traffic!" Moody says. "And so pearls became a regular part of her wardrobe.”

And what a wardrobe it is. A wardrobe that's even made it onto the catwalk at Toronto's Strutt with your Mutt fashion show last year.

You can check out some more of Iggy's looks below. And head to her Instagram for more.

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I was totally in my element last night in this pic from the Strut with Your Mutt: A Pet Collection fashion show! ‪#‎SWYM15‬ ‪#funwithpets‬ Photo from the The Toronto Star!

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