The 'Trump Draws' Meme Hilariously Spoofs Donald Trump Signing His Executive Orders

Poor POTUS. The internet has been going wild over the 'Trump Draws' meme as the Twitter account @TrumpDraws has been very busy turning a picture of Trump's signing executive orders into hilarious children's doodles. You have to feel sorry for POTUS sometimes, after all, it's not his fault, is it?

It seems that no matter what Donald Trump does, he gets ridiculed for it. Perhaps because it's a form of defense against his increasingly draconian policies. Or maybe it's just a case of laughter being the best medicine.

Either way, a excellent Twitter parody account, @TrumpDraws ("i'm the president and i like to draw"), and it's various associated memes from other Twitter users are guaranteed to put a big smile on your face.

They use footage of the POTUS holding up his not hugely popular executive orders—be it giving the border wall the go-ahead, withdrawing from the Trans Pacific Partnership, or stopping the refugee program.

Because once Trump has signed the orders he likes to parade the document in front of the cameras, but that's a huge mistake when the internet is involved. Because the video has been turned into a 'Trump Draws GIF'.

A GIF that people have put all kinds of hilarious images on, like a childish drawing of a dinosaur or writing saying "My soul is empty." Or a childish drawing of a cat. Or a childish drawing of a horse. You get the idea.

Poor Donald Trump almost makes it too easy.

If only he wasn't such a threat to world peace and global stability it would all be so much fun. Or maybe not.

Anyway, check out some of our favorites below from the @TrumpDraw account and some of the other memes that have cropped up. There's even a Trump draws generator now where you can create your own.

The Best Of The 'Trump Draws' Meme

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