President Frog - Artist Mike Mitchell Turns POTUS Into A Polliwog By Drawing A Frog On His Chin

The latest fun to be had at Donald Trump's expense is President Frog, the hilarious brainchild of Austin-based illustrator Mike Mitchell. It involved the artist drawing a frog on the POTUS' chin, and that's it really.

But often the simplest Donald Trump memes are the funniest. And so it goes with President Frog. Trump's mouth becomes the frog's, his chin the frog's belly. It just seems so well suited. Well, they are both are cold-blooded.

Not only did Mitchell produce a variety of drawings of President Frog, he also captioned the images narrating the frog's rise to power. It involves the chin-frog overtaking his host, before apologizing for Trump's behavior and vowing to do better. And there's even a TIME magazine cover appearance and an assassination attempt.

It makes for ribbiting, I mean riveting, reading.

Just for the record, let's just take a moment to reflect where we are now as a culture. We now live in a very strange world, one where half a raw onion in a bag is competing to outdo Trump's 20-odd million twitter followers. And we also have a satirical story about the president's chin turning into a frog, performing a coup, and then showing more compassion and acting more presidential than the actual president himself.

What a time to be alive #TrumpFrog for president.

Check out the hilarious tale, below. And see more of Mitchell's work over at his website.

The Many Faces Of President Frog

president frog 01.


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