Watching Ducklings Sliding Down A Water Slide Is Possibly The Cutest Thing You'll See All Day

Stop whatever it is you're doing, because there's something far more important you should be paying attention to—and that is these stupidly cute ducklings being stupidly cute by going down a waterslide.

Whisper it silently, but what looks like the ducks having fun going down a slide is actually a torture device. Yup, those poor ducks climb up to the top to get to the food, fall down the slide, then get pushed onto the ramp to make the journey all over again. Ad infinitum. Until they're slaughtered for their soft downy fur. Maybe.

But seriously, you don't want to upset ducks, because if you do you could have them come at you en masse like a zombie horde out to devour your flesh. Just like in the video below, except without the flesh-devouring and instead just lots of ducks bringing traffic to a standstill. Look at them. LOOK AT THEM. Where the heck are they all going?

OK, you still there? Well, your reward for getting this far down the post is yet another duck video. This time it's a compilation of ducks being really, really herp derpy.

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