Mia The Proud Wiener Mom Shows Off Her Six Mini Sausages In These Adorable Maternity Photos

Having a baby must rate as one of the most amazing experiences the planet has to offer, it definitely rates as an event to record and remember for posterity. After giving birth it's quite common for a new mom to then pose proudly with her offspring for a maternity photoshoot.

It's the perfect way to record that special moment, a keepsake of you and your bundle of joy(s) starting out on a new life journey together, it definitely feels like a time of total innocence, the brief moment before your life becomes engulfed with the carnage of parenthood.

In fact such photos are probably a regular feature (maybe a bit too regular) in your Facebook feed, but this maternity shoot is slightly different from all those because the mom in question isn't human.

Instead these photos feature a sausage dog mommy, sitting next to her brood, posing with her six new pups looking as proud as any new mom would at her new arrivals. It's simply adorable.

Along with this there's also some photos of the pups looking super cuddly—but as if six mini sausage dogs wasn't cute enough, these ones are wearing tiny knitted hats to keep them warm and make them look extra adorable.

Photographer Belinda Sol is the person responsible for this adorable photo-shoot, she is no stranger to taking photos moms (human moms that is) celebrate the birth of their new bundles of joy.

So it came as somewhat of a surprise when she was approached by a client who wanted photos taken of her dog, a dachshund named Mia. And her 6 beautiful, newly arrived puppies.

Sol recalls the event saying, "“I had never done [a dog shoot] before, and I was excited to do so, i accepted the challenge immediately, even purchasing a dress and some props for Mia’s shoot."

After posting the results to her Facebook page she she soon found over 100,000 people commenting, liking and sharing her adorable shots.

Could this signal a new trend in pet maternity photos? Coming to your Facebook feed sometime soon.


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