The Flying Dead: Crazy Artist Bart Jansen Loves Turning Deceased Animals Into Helicopters

There are many ways you can pay homage to a deceased pet. You could keep their ashes in an ornate urn on the mantlepiece or frame a picture of them and hang it pride of place in your home.

Or, if you happened to be Dutch artist Bart Jansen, you could could always stuff it, then attach motors and propellers and launch it into the air. Like you do.

Yup, that's what he did with his cat Orville who was run over by a car, creating the astonishing and bizarre Orvillecopter. Jansen made this airbourne freak show, which you can witness in the above video.

It was made a few years ago and, naturally, it set the internet alight at the time.

Since its creation Jansen has made a few more of these animal-copters, which I'll point out, he makes from animals that have already died. He's not a monster.


1. He followed up Orvillecopter with OstrichCopter, a half ostrich, half copter flying hybrid of WTFness.


2. And here's his Ratcopter to come flying straight into your nightmares.


3. Branching out from copters he recently made this Sharkjet, made from a juvenile white tip reefshark. So yeah, flying sharks. Great.


4. And here's a DogCopter. This one isn't made by Jansen and it isn't real either. But maybe if you ask Jansen nicely he'd make one.


5. And, to play us out, here's a song dedicated to the Orvillecopter called "Cat Helicopter Drone Song". Becaue a catcopter definitely needs its own anthem.

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