'The End Of The Chinese Miracle': China's Economy Is In Crisis, What Does It Mean For The Rest Of Us?

For years there has been talk of this being the Chinese Century and the Chinese economy being a powerhouse boosting others through its demand of materials and labour. But now things are changing and opinions are changing too.

A new documentary from The Financial Times, The End of the Chinese Miracle, looks at the reality behind the headlines and the corporate partnerships that tell us all is well.

The Chinese economy is slowing down and for ordinary people it means their lives are being affected dramatically. Because businesses are looking elsewhere for cheaper labour, into overseas markets like Vietnam and south east Asia, where they're relocating factories or hiring staff.

The doc, narrated by Financial Times’ Asia Editor Jamil Anderlini, features the stories of those whose livelihoods have been impacted by this economic slowdown, and the voices of migrant workers who have been forced to move back home as work dries up.

"The end of China’s migrant miracle is expected to see it slow even more with serious implications for the global economy." says The Financial Times. "Countries that have relied on China’s insatiable demand for raw materials are facing a crisis. If the slowdown continues it could push the whole world in to a fresh economic crisis."

You can watch the fascinating doc above and for more stories on the Chinese economy head to the Financial Times website.


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