Fox News' Greta Van Susteren Goes On Epic Twitter Rant Against Sony For Making 'The Interview'

The ongoing saga over the James Franco and Seth Rogen movie The Interview, in which the pair are persuaded by the CIA to assassinate North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un, is probably making Sony regret they ever made the movie.

And that sentiment is one that's expressed by Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren too. While most of Hollywood was totally against Sony pulling The Interview on grounds of free expression, Van Susteren blames Sony for the whole mess and doesn't think they should have made the film from the start.

She took to twitter to voice that opinion/epic face palm too—and to let everyone know that, you must always give into the demands of a dictator from foreign lands. Even when those dictators are known for idle threats that are never substantiated.

If Hollywood took to twitter to champion creative expression and freedom of speech, then Great went on social media to do the opposite. Take it away, Greta.

If only Sony had called to consult her, like she says, before making the movie.Then all this could have been avoided.

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