'Wilbur Force' Is A Touching Documentary About Pro-wrestling, Friendship, And Never Giving Up

Wilbur Force was a former champ in the field of New Zealand pro-wrestling. But, as the saying goes, the higher you climb the further you have to fall. And, after a few glorious years at the top of the pro-wrestling food chain, Wilbur (real name William McDougall) found himself back in his hometown, unemployed, and out of shape.

That's where we meet him in three minute documentary Wilbur Force, part of the Loading Docs series, which is directed by his friend and now life coach J.Ollie Lucks. Knowing he was down on his luck, Lucks seeks to get out of this rut and re-boot his career.

So he made this tragicomic offbeat tale, succinctly told in the three minutes it has, to help him do that.

Lucks says the film, along with motivating McDougall to get back to being the great entertainer he once was, is also about "Holding on to one’s best self and having a mate to remind you what your best self was."

The good news? "The film did actually make him get off his ass." says Lucks. "He will be wrestling again for the first time in three years, this August."


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