Ever Feel Like Every Movie Trailer Is Pretty Much The Same? Well Here's The Reasons Why

Watching modern movie trailers you'd be forgiven for thinking they all seem very similar. Although advertising movies from various different genres, action movies to drama and comedy, they all seem to originate from the same cookie cutter trailer.

It's not your mind playing tricks on you either, they really do repeat the same formula. Cracked.com explore what makes them so homogenised in their video "Why Every Movie Trailer Is The Same."

In it they list eleven tropes that pretty much modern trailers use to entice audiences, manipulate our emotions, and pigeonhole different movie genres.

From the gigantic 3D letters that announce in the biggest way possible the name of the latest blockbuster Hollywood wants you to go see, to the way so-called soulful films about self-discovery always use plucky guitars. Then there's the way action movie trailers always start with an ominous, muted thud.

These are the rules trailers abide by, but as to why who knows?

Perhaps there's a central trailer unit that movies go through where they tick off a checklist, making sure each movie meets its specific trailer requirements.

Or maybe film companies are just too afraid to try something different for fear of confusing us, their seemingly idiotic audience. Or are we just too dumb to realize what is happening?

Here's Why Every Movie Trailer Feels The Same

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