Hilarious Sketch Acts Out The Pains & Annoyances Of Attempting A Video Conference Call IN Real Life

If there's one thing more annoying than a conference call, it's when you add video into the mix. Conference calls are always terribly awkward and annoying, but add in the glitches and freezing issues of video, and it just gets even worse.

Tripp Crosby and Tyler Stanton, aka comedy duo Tripp and Tyler, act out a typically exasperating video conference call and make it even more cringeworthy by doing so in real life.

So, pretty much like everybody's average Monday morning, callers experience connection problems, difficulty hearing each other, and every other type of hair-pulling frustration you can imagine.

As such it's totally on-point and about as productive as any video conference call can be. I.e. Not very productive at all.

The video is a sequel to their original A Conference Call in Real Life which accurately, and painfully, nailed the horrors of conference calls. Watch it below.

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