This Fan Conspiracy Theory About 'Titanic' Is Mind-Blowingly Insane, But Somehow Believeable

You may think you know James Cameron's Titanic, it's a fairly straight forward movie—a love story set amid the tragedy of the sinking of the largest commercial ocean liner of its time. Well actually, no, that's not what's it's about.

Not according to a guy called Matt who posted a fan theory to his Facebook page where it got picked up and has since gone viral.

Be prepared, because it's going to blow your perception of the film out of the water, as it were. It involves Jack being a time-traveller who was sent to stop Rose from committing suicide and altering the timeline.

This is the scene he's referring to:


And here's the theory in full:


The inconsistencies like the lake support the theory, and it's not like James Cameron doesn't like a good time travel paradox in his movies. So maybe Jack is a time-traveller from the future.


Who, by stopping Rose from committing suicide sets off a chain of events that leads to Rose's great great grandson being Kyle Reese who fathers John Connor, savior of humanity!


And if you really think about it, both plot-lines from the Titanic and The Terminator are very similar - Man appears from nowhere, finds a woman who is going to suffer peril in the future, saves her, gets chased my a nasty man with a gun and eventually dies so that the woman can live. What more proof do you need?

Mind = blown.


Well, that or James Cameron didn't give a sh*t about historical accuracy.

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