Dear Academy Awards - Can You Please, Dear God, Just Give Leo The Damn Oscar Already

The time is nearly upon us where the world finds out if Leonardo DiCaprio finally bags himself a Best Actor Oscar. He's desperately wanted one for quite some time, so much so that he's been the ridicule of memes and internet jokes for years.

And his Oscar pining is the target of a spoof video from College Humor called "Please, Dear God, Give Leo The Oscar"—it features mock quotes from film critics and industry insiders who are getting increasingly concerned for Leo's sanity, and for what kind of movie he might make next to top the harsh excesses of The Revenant to get himself a gold statuette.

The video, which is obviously made for fun, comes at a time when there's been a bit of a backlash against Leo's performance in the movie. The Hollywood Reporter has recently published it's annual ‘brutally honest Oscar ballot’ where it speaks, anonymously, with an Oscar voter, and one who isn't associated with this years' nominees getting their opinion on the movies.

Regarding Leo's hope for Oscar glory they say, "I dislike The Revenant intensely - it's a beautifully shot Road Runner movie, in the sense that Leonardo DiCaprio keeps falling down and getting up, and who cares? I don’t." and adds, "I rule out Leonardo immediately because it's a ridiculous performance. They are running his campaign based on how hard it was to make the movie, right? I'm tired of hearing about it — that's what he gets paid for!"

To be fair this "longtime voter" also hates on pretty much all the nominees. However, also in the don't-give-Leo-an-Oscar camp is film critic Matt Zoller Seitz who recently published an article titled "Why Leo Winning An Oscar For The Revenant Would Be Bad For Acting" where he says that Leo winning would "ratify the tendency to see acting greatness in terms of transformation and misery." He prefers Leo when he's not doing his acting-as-endurance test. "DiCaprio at his best is so good that you don't catch him acting, or you don't think of what he's doing as acting, even though it is." he says.

For my money, I believe Leo's Hugh Glass is an Oscar-winning performance. But whatever you think of his acting in The Revenant we'll find out this Sunday whether he wins the award or not.

And if you wanted to be reminded of the other performances where he didn't win an Oscar, you can check out every one of his Oscar-nominated roles drawn atop cappuccinos in the video below.

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