A Reasonable Request - Father & Son Incest Is The Subject Of This Funny & Very Disturbing Video

Whoah. The subject of incest is never something you can laugh at. Is it? Things take a turn for the disturbing in this funny short film by director Andrew Laurich, which stars comedian John Ennis who's appeared in equally messed up comedy Arrested Development and Mr. Show with Bob and David, and Tim & Eric.

What with Father's Day on the horizon, this is the father/son incest comedy that you've (not) been looking for.

Called A Reasonable Request and billed with the description, "A desperate son reconnects with his estranged father to ask an unspeakable favor that will change their lives forever." - it poses the question of what exactly would you be willing to do for the right amount of money.

Obviously there's a line, but where is that line?

Does that line involve getting intimate with your own father and commit incest? And if it does, DAMN THAT LINE!

After you get by the initial shock of the premise of the video, and pick your jaw off the floor, and possibly go for a lie down because you're so offended, you'll find yourself laughing—against your better judgement.

Just prey it never happens to you.

Father Son Incest.

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