'The Pearl of the Costa Grande' - Two Friends Get Caught Up In A Comically Dark Bank Robbery

In short film The Pearl of the Costa Grande from filmmakers Derek Beck and Sam Morrill, three screenwriters meet up to hang out and talk about what they've been working on.

After the host is asked about what he's been up to, he starts to reveal an idea he's working on about a budding filmmaker who's hit a tough time in his life.

After he's dumped and financially in a mess he decides to do a bank robbery.

But as the story starts to unfold, so do the similarities and parallels with the host's own life and characteristics.

And before they know it, the friends are questioning their host's motives and whether they can really trust him.

The drifting camera in the short is great at pulling you into the narrative, and the script has lots of fun with the creeping sense of revelation that you're expecting. But it doesn't quite work out exactly the way you might think.

But then that's the beauty of good film-making for you.


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