Festive Film 'Home Alone' Is Hilariously Getting Mocked On Twitter For Its Ridiculous Plot Holes

It's the holiday season and of course that means watching lots of festive movies. One of those will no doubt be the 1990 comedy scripted by John Hughes and starring Macaulay Culkin, Home Alone. Now, depending on when you last watched it (or how many times you have watched it) might well depend on how you view it.

Some people think it's a festive classic with Looney Tunes style slapstick, while others see Culkin's character Kevin McCallister as a dangerous sociopath and the movie's plot being far too ridiculous to allow for any suspension of disbelief. After all, why didn't he just call the police and get them to deal with the burglars?

A big part of what side of that fence you'll fall on probably depends on how old you are when you watch it. Seeing it at eight years old you'll probably just laugh at Daniel Stern and Joe Pesci's robbers, The Wet Bandits, endless abuse at the hands of Kevin.

Seen when you're a bit older and the plot premise—and the level of abuse the robbers suffer seemingly without sustaining life-threatening injuries—just seems totally unbelievable. (In fact, watch the video above from Vsauce to see exactly how much pain Kevin's booby traps would inflict in real life.)

It seems Twitter has been revisiting the film in adulthood and has taken to the social media platform to count the ways in which the film's plot is severely lacking.

Depending on your own views of the movie, you'll either find Twitter's remarks amusing or slander. Have a look below, ya' filthy animals.

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