#WalkingDeadAFilm Hashtag Game Turns Your Favorite Zombie TV Show Into A Hilarious Movie

Two things are happening on Sunday, The Walking Dead is on and there's also a backslapping movie awards ceremony, a little Hollywood event called the 88th Academy Awards. Choices, chioces.

So chances are if you're watching one you're probably going to miss (at least some) of the other.

But heck, you could just do away with the Oscars altogether because a twitter hashtag game has combined movies and The Walking Dead. #WalkingDeadAFilm took off a few days ago and was started by the official The Walking Dead account who added their own versions, like a Rick-themed take on The Martian.

It quickly gathered pace as fans saw the opportunity to make some groan-worthy zombie puns about their fav show, creating some inspired mashups—Desperately Eating Susan, Finding Coral, Chew the Right Thing.

Fans of the show will find them hilarious while non-fans, well, they should really be working on why they haven't started watching the show yet. To get you all in the mood play The Walking Dead Theme Acapella video by The Warp Zone (above) while you look over some of the hilarious TWD movie mash-ups below.

So until we perchance actually get a 'The Walking Dead' movie (which Andrew Lincoln has gone on record as saying "That would be amazing." Yup) we'll just have to make do with these.

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