Tony Blair's Creepy Festive Greeting Card Gets Ridiculed On Twitter

Former British Prime Minister and best buddy of George W. Bush revealed his festive holiday season card recently—and it was a cringer. Known for his Cheshire cat grin it was somewhat lacking in the photo of Tony Blair and his wife Cherie as they stared into the camera for their chilling portrait.

Rather than Blair looking friendly and festive, he instead looks creepy and confrontational. Like he's about to punch you in the eye for knocking over his drink.

There's an art to getting the festive photo right and Blair is very far away from perfecting it in this photo.

Of course once twitter saw it, then it was time for the obligatory ridiculing and the mouthful of a hahstag #ThingsLessUncomfortableThanTonyBlairsChristmasCard sprung up. Along with a steady stream of mocking coming from #tonyblairchristmascard.

Here's some of the best responses:

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