A Sneaky Fox Teaches A Modern Day Scrooge About The Joys Of Xmas In This WTF Festive Video

November's barely begun, which must mean it's time to bring on the Christmas commercials. One that stands out as particularly odd, and therefore very amusing, is this one from British wine and alcohol retail chain Oddbins.

It features a grumpy modern day Scrooge dashing into his local liquor store where, while selecting some wine to take home, he's stalked by a mischievous stuffed toy fox. So far, so weird. But it gets weirder.

The creepy fox then attacks him and whisks him off through a portal (cue scary music) to some kind of alternate universe Oddbins store. Except this is the kind of place where you'd expect a mysterious voice to say, "Do you want to play a game?"

But all is not as it seems because suddenly bright and cheery Christmas music plays and you get a free turkey dinner, a pogo stick from Santa as a present, and a not-so-scary but actually cuddly fox who wants to watch some Christmas TV with you in an armchair—all the things you'd expect at this festive time.

It's all quite inexplicable and don't expect it to be explained by the end of the video, because it isn't.

It seems the only way to solve this mystery is to visit one of their stores and demand an answer—and ask for your sanity back too. Oh, and keep an eye out for foxes lurking in the shadows.

#WhatTheFox, indeed.


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