#FGMrose—Powerful Video Aims To Raise Awareness About The Barbaric Practice Of FGM

Although banned in many countries the practice of FGM still goes on, with the latest research revealing that 125 million girls and women across the globe are suffering the consequences of it. Charity Plan UK want the practice to be completely eradicated and need the world to act as one to help achieve this.

“FGM is a human rights violation facing millions of girls and young women across the world,” says Plan UK CEO, Tanya Barron. “We believe FGM is a global problem that requires a coordinated global solution. Because the beliefs and traditions that are used to justify FGM cross borders, we won’t end FGM in the UK without ending it abroad.”

Because, you see, it's not just something that happens to other people in other countries, it's something that's happening right now under our noses in the UK and the USA. Earlier in the year UK newspaper The Guardian ran a campaign to raise awareness about the issue, managing a successful petition that saw the UK government agree to teach the risks of FGM in schools across the country. See below.

And in turn this was picked up by The Young Turks news show (below), who discussed how this cultural practice is happening to American girls on American soil but is rarely ever talked about in public forums. This has to change.

And now we can all do our bit by joining the campaign, sharing the #FGMrose video and help put an end to this unnecessary and barbaric practice.

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