Here It Is, Finally, Shia LaBeouf Drawn As All The Twelve Doctors From 'Doctor Who'

Some things don't need explaining. In fact, the majority of weird stuff you come across online can't be explained even if you wanted it to be. It just is. You can file into this category these illustrations by artist Brandon Bird.

Bird does various pieces that riff on pop culture and decided to combine the longest running series on British television, Doctor Who, with Shia LaBeouf. It seems like the reason behind it stemmed from a tweet he made last year that saw him wanting to inexplicably enrage Doctor Who fans.

So he set about doing it. He tells Mashable it's was his way of experimenting with the mash-up medium and having some fun in the process.

"I've seen mash-ups go from being weird and unexpected to a kind of lazy 'thing you like + other thing you like' formula. So I liked the idea of flipping that around and doing 'thing lots of people love (Doctor Who) + thing a lot of people kind of hate (Shia LaBeouf).'"

So there you go. I was wrong. Some weird things you find online can be explained.


 “The First Shia LaBeouf” 


 “The Second Shia LaBeouf” 


 “The Third Shia LaBeouf”


 “The Fourth Shia LaBeouf”


 “The Fifth Shia LaBeouf”


 “The Sixth Shia LaBeouf”


 “The Seventh Shia LaBeouf”


 “The Eighth Shia LaBeouf”


 “The Ninth Shia LaBeouf”


 “The Tenth Shia LaBeouf”


 “The Eleventh Shia LaBeouf”


 “The Twelfth Shia LaBeouf”


 “The War Shia LaBeouf”


 “All Shia LaBeoufs”

If you are blown away by this imagery then i've got some great news for you, Brandon is offering them up for sale on a limited run of paintings and prints, Hurry up before they all go.